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Thursday, March 7, 2013

we're getting spoiled... (am.07.mar.13)>

It looks like we're in for lots of sunshine again, with 100% clear skies at sunrise this morning.  My overnight low was a mild 55.2F (12.9C) -- humidity stands at 39%.

We are getting spoiled rotten.  This kind of extended streak of sunny, mild/warm weather is not normal for this early in the spring season!  Yesterday's high of 68.4F (20.2C) was the warmest temp I've recorded since the middle of October, and we stand a good chance of rising a bit above that both today and Friday.  General high pressure will maintain control of our weather pattern, providing us with mostly sunny skies apart from a few PM mountain clouds and perhaps some high cloudiness beginning to stream in tomorrow (Fri).

A storm system organizing in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea will move eastward as the weekend approaches, but looks like it will then weaken as it passes well to our north on Saturday into early Sunday.  However, temperatures in the upper-atmosphere will be cooling down considerably, and that may create some instability for us here in northern India which could lead to the development of a couple of showers and/or thundershowers.  At this point it doesn't look like anything major, but could be the precursor of a shift in the weather pattern for next week.

Enjoy these beautiful conditions -- but maybe it would be a good idea not to get too attached.  The CURRENT FORECAST on the tab above.