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Monday, March 25, 2013

so much nicer... (am.25.mar.13)>

The sky is totally clear this morning as the sun gets ready to peek above the mountains.  I recorded an unseasonably chilly overnight low temp of 48.0F (8.9C) which occurred close to midnight -- but it's already up to 52.0F (11.1C).  In case you missed it, our total rainfall between late Saturday night and late Sunday afternoon was 2.47" (6.3cm).

Our weekend storm event only lasted 18 hours, but it was quite the drama-queen -- delivering heavy rain, intense lightning and thunder, and even a few episodes of small hail.  It also kept temperatures in the late February range during its stay.  Now, what remains of the upper-level circulation has lifted well northeast of us into western China, leaving us with a rather non-descript kind of weather pattern for a few days.  A very weak area of high pressure will try to build in, allowing temperatures to rebound nicely, but the atmosphere is going to remain slightly unstable.  That means the risk of mainly afternoon cloud and thundershower development exists over the mountains, which will have to be watched.

A new disturbance will drift into northwestern India by Thursday and Friday, bringing with it another increase in rain chances.  At this point, though, it doesn't look anywhere near as potent as yesterday's storm.  All in all, this last week of March should balance out fairly normal for the season, despite temperatures continuing to run a couple of degrees cooler than average.

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