Tuesday, March 26, 2013

calm and quiet... (am.26.mar.13)>

We have clear skies early this morning.  It's been a quiet night, with a low temperature of 51.3F (10.7C).

Things should remain generally quiet for the next couple of days, thanks to a weak ridge of high pressure drifting across northern India.  There are some thin cirrus clouds along the crest of that ridge, which could dim our sunshine a bit later today.  Also, be aware of the typical build-up of cumulus clouds over the mountains during the afternoon which will occur if our spring sunshine can trigger enough instability up there.  Temperatures will continue to moderate through Thursday, taking us back closer to average for late March.

A very disorganized but large-scale upper-level disturbance will move in on Thursday, and hang around through most of the weekend.  This system will bring in a large pool of colder air aloft which is expected to generate a classic springtime instability scenario -- scattered thundershowers mainly during the afternoon/evening hours.  We shouldn't see long-lasting heavy rains, but be prepared for the potential for some showery weather nonetheless.

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