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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spring moisture... (pm.13.mar.13)>

The storm system we've been anticipating for more than a week is now knocking on the door.  It's not a particularly dynamic system, but there is a good amount of springtime moisture involved, along with a surge of significantly cooler air being drawn in from the northwest.

Showers and thundershower potential will be on the increase tonight and Thursday, with some significant rainfall amounts looking quite likely before the atmosphere settles down over the weekend.  The latest computer model data is showing 3-4cm (1.2-1.6") rainfall totals for our area, which is pretty healthy for this time of year.

It should remain a bit on the unsettled side on Friday into Saturday, due to colder air and some weak circulation remaining in the upper atmosphere -- but no significant storm systems are expected as we move into next week.  However, cooler temperatures should hang around for several days... it may take a while to rebound to the very mild early spring temps that have been so common during the first part of March.