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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

gorgeous start... (am.31.mar.13)>

The sun is shining brightly again early on this Easter Sunday morning.  I've recorded an overnight low temp of 52.9F (11.6C).

All eyes will be on the Dhauladhars by mid-day, to see if we get another explosion of clouds and thundershower development up there.  The instability is being generated by the combination of milder air arriving in the lower-levels of the atmosphere and lingering colder air aloft.  It only takes a few hours of strong springtime sunshine working on the air mass to get things bubbling over the mountains.  Otherwise, the weather pattern looks pretty good for us between now and Tuesday morning.

The next upper-level disturbance will swing across northern India from late Tuesday through Wednesday, bringing an increasing chance of scattered showers again, along with a drop in temperatures.  In the meantime, it looks like we will be challenging or perhaps exceeding the warmest temps of 2013 thus far as we say 'goodbye' to March and 'hello' to April.  Enjoy -- just be prepared to sprint for cover if those mountain rumblings materialize again!

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