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Thursday, March 28, 2013

shower risk... (am.28.mar.13)>

*Update @ 2:31pm... Occasional light rain showers started up around 11:30am, but I have only 0.09" (2mm) in my rain gauge here in the upper part of town.  Temperatures have taken a nose dive -- currently 50.9F (10.5C).

It is cloudy and breezy this morning -- and I've recorded a very mild overnight low of 55.9F (13.3C).  There were a couple of periods of very light rain showers between 3:30 and 5:00am, but I have nothing measurable in the rain gauge.

Our latest upper-level disturbance is centered over southern Pakistan this morning, and will be lifting very slowly to the east-northeast over the next three days or so.  As I've been mentioning, this isn't a very strong system but it is quite large, so due to the slow movement, we're in for an extended period of rather unsettled weather.  As the atmosphere moistens up and the center of circulation moves in our direction, scattered showers and thundershowers will likely develop -- with the best chances of some measurable rainfall expected between this afternoon and Friday evening.  Computer models are keeping our rain amounts generally below 2cm (0.80"), but mountain factors can wreak havoc with those projections.  Just be prepared for sudden thundershowers!

There should be gradual improvement on Saturday, with any shower action most likely confined to the higher mountains by the time we get into Easter Sunday, and even Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Unless we can get a good dose of sunshine, temperatures won't be able to warm up much today or tomorrow (Fri), but it's now starting to look like we may get a significant bump in temps during the first part of next week.

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