Sunday, March 3, 2013

super sunday... (am.03.mar.13)>

We have full sunshine again this morning, and humidity is a low 34%.  I recorded a very mild overnight low temp of 54.1F (12.3C).

Not much news to report -- a high pressure ridge continues to dominate the weather pattern over a wide area from the Arabian Sea across virtually all of central and northern India.  This is bringing the first real warm spell of the new spring season not only to us, but to the entire western and central Himalayan region as well as the Plains of north India.  Temperatures will continue to surpass previous highs of 2013 thus far -- rising well above normal for the first week of March.

There is a broad band of high clouds off to our west in association with a weak upper-level disturbance which will track across our area from Monday into Tuesday.  With very limited moisture and weak dynamic energy, an increase in clouds is all that is expected, it seems.  There is one computer model trying to squeeze out some light precipitation late Monday into early Tuesday, but I'm going to hold off putting any showers in the forecast at this point.  By Wednesday, strong springtime high pressure should build back in -- even more robustly -- into at least the early part of next weekend.

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