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Saturday, January 24, 2015

very little of interest... (am.24.jan.15)>

We have a totally clear sky just before sunrise this morning, and I'm recording a low temp of 40.1F (4.5C) which has just occurred within the past hour or so.  There has been no rain or snow since yesterday afternoon -- leaving us with a precipitation total of 2.24" (5.7cm) from our recent storm.

January 2015 has not been all that difficult to deal with.  Although there's now quite a snow pack in the mountains above, we've yet to get any accumulating snow in the immediate McLeod area, and the chances of that happening before the month is finished aren't looking that great.  Temperatures have also been easy to handle.  January is an interesting month... from year to year it can swing radically from one extreme to the other.

There is a new upper-level disturbance dropping in from the northwest, and that could bring in some clouds at times this weekend.  But the way things are looking at the moment, chances of rain or snow are small, except perhaps in the highest elevations above.  There does appear to be a re-inforcing shot of colder air on the way for early next week, but the precipitation chances we were talking about for late Monday through Tuesday don't seem to be very impressive.  All in all, it should be a rather uneventful final week of January ahead...