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Thursday, January 15, 2015

transit: usa to india... (pm.15.jan.15)

I'm on approach to McLeod Ganj after my most lengthy "away" period since 2002.  It's been about three months!  I've been busy enjoying being with family and friends in the US, but as always, very happy about returning to my Himalayan home.

Honestly, I hardly checked the weather situation in northern India during most of my time away, but have been keeping an eye on the charts and data during the past week as I anticipate getting back into the groove.  Looks like there was a brush with a bit of winter weather earlier this week -- and more than just a brush in areas above McLeod like Naddi and Dharamkot.  A few inches of snow fell in those locations, but other than a brief spell of snow in the immediate McLeod vicinity, the precipitation was mostly rain further downhill.

There is another storm system on the horizon -- showing up as a developing area of low pressure in the mid- and upper atmosphere over Afghanistan and Pakistan by Monday.  This is going to give us a chance of another episode of rain/snow in our area next week.

I'll be easing back into the mode of composing regular blog updates as I get settled back in town during the coming few days.......