Friday, January 23, 2015

a quiet weekend... (pm.23.jan.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 35.8F (2.1C)
High temp: 44.9F (7.2C)
Precip since 7:00am: 0.08" (2mm)
Storm total precip: 2.24" (5.7cm)

The setting sun cast a beautiful glow on the freshly snow-covered hills and mountains to our northeast this evening.  Though we had some relatively short-lived rain/sleet/snow showers lingering until the early afternoon, the sun was desperately trying to flex its muscles... and clearing has finally been decisive as the day draws to a close.

A heavy dumping of snow has definitely occurred in the mountains above, but we never had more than a few random snowflakes here in McLeod.  I was told there were 5-6" of new snow as far downhill as Galu temple... mostly late yesterday and overnight... while Triund has had at least 2 feet of snow.  I heard a report of 4 feet, but I can't confirm that.

As we say 'goodbye' to this recent storm system, it looks like we can expect some fairly pleasant mid-winter weather over the weekend.  With a rather unstable upper-level flow, we may not get the kind of sunshine we enjoyed earlier this week, but at least it should be dry for the most part.  Temperatures will be running fairly close to average for late January.

A weak disturbance will be dropping in from the west-northwest by Monday evening, bringing in a shot of colder air.  There shouldn't be much moisture available for this system to take advantage of, but still we may see a period or two of mainly light rain and/or snow showers on Tuesday.  Beyond that -- there's not much of interest showing up on the weather charts as we head toward the end of the month.