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Monday, January 19, 2015

another sunny one... (am.19.jan.15)>

It's a crystal clear and chilly morning again.  I've got a low temp of 41.9F (5.5C), but of course there are pockets of colder air pooled in some of the valleys and low spots around the area, which is typical of a winter morning.

It looks like we've got another sunny day on deck, as a general area of high pressure dominates the pattern all across the Indian subcontinent.  At our elevation, the bright sunshine feels nice and warm, but you only have to step in the shade to get a feel for the actual air temperature.  Temps are running a few degrees above normal for this time  of the year, however, as we break into the low 50s(F) once again.

The main event for us to turn our attention to this week is the storm system which is very slowly making its way across the northern Persian Gulf into Iran this morning.  During the next 24-36 hours it's going to begin tapping into a moisture source, courtesy of the Arabian Sea, and drawing that moisture north and eastward.  We'll likely start to see an increase in clouds on Tuesday, with precipitation chances rapidly on the increase on Wednesday.  Computer models are showing periods of rain and/or snow for our area through Thursday night, and possibly into Friday as well.

We all know that it's next to impossible to nail down that rain/snow line here along our steep elevation gradient, but late January is definitely the bull's eye time for us to get accumulating snow here in McLeod.  Of course we'll keep close watch.

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