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Saturday, January 31, 2015

a decent saturday... (am.31.jan.15)>

Apart from just a few patches of mainly high clouds, we can call it mostly clear just before sunrise on this Saturday morning.  I've had an overnight low temp of 38.7F (3.7C) here on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center, and there has been no rain or snow to report.

Some milder air is trying to nudge its way into northern India, and will successfully warm us up at least a couple of degrees today -- as long as we don't end up with too much cloudiness to spoil it.  Already there are some extensive patches of clouds showing up on this morning's satellite pics off to our west, in advance of a developing upper-level storm system.  That system is going to be the driver of our changing weather situation as we head toward the latter half of the weekend.

There is consensus among the computer models that we are in for a significant precipitation event -- gradually starting up on Sunday, but reaching a peak late Monday through late Tuesday night.  Clouds will really thicken up tomorrow, with a fairly good shot at getting some scattered rain showers, but right now it looks like the vast majority of our rainfall will happen during that late Monday through late Tuesday period.  As I mentioned earlier, all the data suggests that it's going to be too warm for snow (again) here in McLeod, but very heavy snow will increase the snow pack in the mountains above.

We should see an improving scenario by Wednesday morning, with quiet weather expected for the rest of next week.  Get all the details on THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK tab above.