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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Friday, January 23, 2015

lots of snow above... (am.23.jan.15)>

*Update @ 8:33am...  Some big snowflakes have started to mix in with the rain during the past 10 minutes or so up here at my location.  Maybe we'll finally get some of that white stuff here at the tail end of all this.  Temp now near 36F (2.2C).

My thermometer says 37.6F (3.1C) here in the upper part of McLeod Ganj -- just before sunrise this morning.  I've had a low temp of 36.5F (2.5C), and there has been another 0.36" (9mm) of precipitation since 8pm last night.  That brings the total since our first showers materialized on Wednesday afternoon up to 2.16" (5.5cm) -- which is right in line with expectations.

It has cooled off a bit more in the past 12 hours or so, but not enough to bring that snow line down into McLeod proper.  It's still rather dark and the visibility isn't very good at the moment, but it looks like there's some white on the hills not far above town.  Based on how much precip we received down here at our elevation, it is safe to say that 2-3 feet of new snow has fallen up in the vicinity of Magic View and Triund.

This storm system that's been with us for the past more than 36 hours is now winding down, and should continue to lose its grip on us today.  Lingering moisture and some "lift" in the mid-levels of the atmosphere may keep occasional light showers of rain and/or snow in the area -- perhaps into the afternoon -- but we may even see some semblance of clearing before the day is through.  That sets us up for a decent-looking weekend.  Temperatures should be close to seasonal normals (or maybe slightly above) both Saturday and Sunday, with a mix of clouds and sun.

Recent runs of the computer model data have been trending toward a colder and wetter scenario returning by late Monday through Tuesday night.  This next system shouldn't produce nearly the amounts of moisture/precipitation we've just dealt with, but it looks quite a bit colder...

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