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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

one of the coldest... (pm.27.jan.15)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 35.6F (2.0C)
High temp: 43.5F (6.4C)
Precipitation: 0.48" (1.2cm)

There are a few breaks in the clouds just after sunset this evening, but we could still call it mostly cloudy -- with some patchy fog as well.  We had about 12-14 hours of off-and-on rain showers today, which began not long after midnight.  Although the changeover to snow made a valiant effort during the late morning just above us, it never quite made it down to McLeod proper.  There were a couple of brief episodes of sleet and very small hail during the early afternoon, but then we've been able to get some partial clearing late this afternoon and evening.  Today's been one of the colder days of this winter season.

A weak upper-level circulation spins over central Kashmir this evening, but it's moving off to the east, allowing us to escape from it's influence.  Precipitation amounts ended up being much more significant than any of the computer models were projecting -- though they were far less than during the storm system we experienced late last week.  Another half-foot or more of snow was added to the building snow pack in the mountains above... which is good news for our springtime water supply.

Our overall pattern remains in a kind of 'in-between' phase.  There are no major storm systems spinning up, but it's not at all a fair weather pattern either.  We will see another couple of disturbances move from west-to-east across northern India during the coming week, keeping us in and out of the clouds, and flirting with the risk of a few periods of rain and/or snow showers.  The best chances of precipitation look to be on Thursday, and again on Sunday into Tuesday.