Monday, January 19, 2015

calm and quiet... (pm.19.jan.15)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 41.9F (5.5C)
High temp: 51.6F (10.9C)
Precipitation: none

It's been another day of incredible January weather for us, with nearly unlimited sunshine and temperatures which continue to run on the plus side of normal.  The few people in town right now are definitely enjoying the fine weather... along with virtually empty streets.

This evening's set of data remains pretty much on track with the scenario we've been talking about the last couple of days.  A fair weather high pressure ridge remains in control across the Indian subcontinent, while a rather vigorous storm system gains strength as it tracks across southern Iran.  We'll be seeing that approaching storm system make its presence known as we head into the middle of the week.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will still be fairly nice, though we could be dealing with an increase in clouds as the day wears on.  Clouds will thicken up by Wednesday, with computer models in disagreement about the onset of precipitation.  Suffice it to say that rain chances will increase significantly by the afternoon and evening hours, and especially overnight into Thursday.  One model even keeps a rain/snow mixture lingering through Friday.

There is going to be significant snowfall in areas above McLeod during the Wednesday evening through Friday timeframe... but how far downhill that snow line advances isn't at all clear yet.

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