Thursday, January 29, 2015

cold and gloomy... (am.29.jan.15)>

We're waking up to a cloudy and foggy morning, and though there are a few sprinkles of rain happening at the moment, there is nothing measurable in my rain gauge to report as of yet.  The low temp has been 37.2F (2.9C) -- and that's very close to the current reading.

The latest satellite pics are showing the swirling center of an upper-level circulation over northern Pakistan, pushing toward the west-central Kashmir border.  This is very similar to what we were seeing this time on Tuesday morning, but this system is a shade weaker, and at least so far, we're not seeing as much rain/snow shower activity here in our general area.  The best dynamics for a few periods of rain and/or snow will continue until perhaps mid-afternoon, but then the atmosphere will begin to stabilize, leading to fairly rapid clearing this evening and overnight.  It seems we're forever watching and waiting for some accumulating snow here in McLeod proper... but if we do manage to get any, it shouldn't amount to more than a bit of slush.  Let's see.

Relatively calm and quiet weather is expected on Friday into most of Saturday, thanks to a weak ridge of high pressure, but a more significant storm system is beginning to take shape on the extended range weather charts just in time for the arrival of February.  Moderating temperatures are likely as well -- so at this point it looks like we're still not in the right situation for a big snowfall here in town.

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