Thursday, September 17, 2015

temporarily peaceful... (pm.17.sep.15)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 61.2F (16.2C)
High temp: 74.6F (23.7C)
Rainfall: none

We're looking at almost totally clear skies as the sun sets this evening, at the end of a day which has turned out to be full of sunshine.  There was very little cloud development -- and only in the immediate vicinity of the mountain peaks -- with no shower or thundershower action at all.  It was our nicest day since last Thursday and Friday, as humidity dipped close to 50% at times.

The weather charts are looking very interesting during the coming week or so, as we continue to deal with the subtleties and nuances of the dying stages of the monsoon season.  Right now it looks like we'll see fairly good weather, apart from the risk of an isolated afternoon thundershower, both tomorrow and Saturday.  Sunshine should be the main theme during the morning hours, with our temperatures remaining very comfortable for this time of year.

Worries and concerns start to enter the picture as early as Sunday, and especially by the Monday through Wednesday period.  A big blob of tropical moisture currently sprawled across central India will begin to surge northward in advance of a significant upper-level disturbance dropping in from the northwest.  The models are projecting an outbreak of moderate to heavy rainfall all across northern India by Monday, and the latest data shows an impressive amount of rain across a wide area during the first half of next week.  There's also going to be a dip in temperatures, as a cooler autumn airmass challenges all of that tropical moisture in place.

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