Friday, September 25, 2015

struggling along... (pm.25.sep.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 57.4F (14.1C)
High temp: 65.8F (18.8C)
Rainfall: 0.13" (3mm)

It's a very dreary and gloomy evening out there, with thick clouds and fog, along with a few random light sprinkles of rain.  If you aren't an early bird, then you missed this morning's very nice sunshine, which was already being overtaken by cloud development between 9:00 and 10:00am.  We then had mostly cloudy skies with occasional fog for the remainder of the day -- with only a few fleeting glimpses of sun at times.  However, today's rainfall was mainly confined to a brief period of showers between about 2:30 and 3:15pm -- the total amount in the rain gauge at my location in the upper part of town was the smallest of the last four days.

Recent satellite pics show random, widely scattered shower and thundershower activity across the western Himalayan region -- most of which should rapidly die out as night settles in.  Despite all the cloudiness here along the mountain slopes, there is no major storm system in the area... only some weak wiggles in the rapid upper-level west-to-east flow triggering these afternoon/early evening showers.  It looks like our overall atmospheric situation is going to remain marginally unstable through the weekend.  That will keep us dealing with mainly morning sunshine followed by a lot of mid-day cloud/fog development, along with a good chance of isolated to scattered shower/thunder action during the afternoons.  Temperatures should remain in this pleasantly cool category.

By Monday into Tuesday the computer models are showing a large area of high pressure forming over Rajasthan -- for the first time this season.  A significant reduction in the moisture content of the air mass across the northwest one-third of India should occur, along with enough stabilization to cut down on the cloud/fog/shower development here along the front ranges of the mountains.  It's hard work to scour out this lingering tropical moisture, but let's see how things unfold early next week.

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