Friday, September 4, 2015

push-pull of the season... (pm.04.sep.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 61.5F (16.4C)
High temp: 73.9F (23.3C)
Rainfall: 0.09" (2mm) -- updated @ 7:50pm

There are patches of clouds and fog hanging around this evening just after sunset, but some large patches of clear sky as well.  I'm thinking we had the greatest percentage of sunshine today than we've seen since way back in June -- clouds were slower to develop this morning, and really all throughout the afternoon the sun was peeking through from time to time.  There were some brief light showers and thunder starting to appear after about 3:30pm, but at least up til now, rainfall amounts have been insignficant compared to the past several days -- at least here in our immediate area.

Humidity readings today fluctuated between 62% and 85%, and that's well below the levels necessary to sustain significant fog development.  Of course that's been the case on most days during the past couple of weeks or so, as tentative pushes of drier air from the west-northwest try desperately to eat away the lingering tropical moisture lying along the front slopes of the north Indian Himalayas.  We've had extreme variability between sun, clouds and occasional very healthy downpours of rain, which is actually right on target for the first couple of weeks of September.  You can see from the WETTEST MONTHS tab at the top of the page that normal rainfall for this month is less than half of what we normally get during August -- so -- in spite of the periods of moderate to heavy showers at times, the trend will be toward less and less daily amounts as the month wears on.

Current data would suggest that we'll dry out even more significantly after about Tuesday of next week -- but that doesn't mean that we won't continue to battle with a daily build-up of clouds and random showers.

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