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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 48.6F (9.2C)
High temp: 58.3F (14.6C)
Rainfall: none

Our sky is totally clear just after sunset this evening.  I would venture to say that today has been the sunniest day since way back in April or May -- with only a feeble attempt at some cumulus development over the immediate Dhauladhar range between the late morning and mid-afternoon hours.  In fact, by 4:00pm, what few clouds there were had already mostly dissipated.  It has been a classic mid-November day... when it is pleasantly warm in the direct sun, but quite chilly in the shade.

That upper-level circulation over northwestern Kashmir had little effect on us today, though there was plenty of cloudiness and some scattered rain and snow showers for our neighbors to the north.  Our temperatures have been stuck in a slightly cooler than normal range the last several days, thanks to that system.  But -- as it weakens and moves out starting tomorrow, we'll be seeing more of a west-southwesterly flow develop across northern India which will kick-start a warming trend as the weekend arrives.  All indicators point to temperatures rising above normal for the season by Saturday, and lasting at least through the early part of next week.

We're also now tasting our most consistently dry air and lowest humidity of the season, and it seems there is little chance of any returning moisture or significant rain chances during the next week or more.  It's amazing that it has taken so long this year to get to the point of being able to say that with any degree of confidence.

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