Wednesday, November 13, 2013

a few mountain clouds... (am.13.nov.13)>

It's just a hair below 50F (10C) at my spot on Tushita/Dharamkot Road below the mountaineering center early this morning as the sun peeks over the mountains.  We've maintained totally clear skies overnight, and humidity is near 40%.

The only issue on the weather charts continues to be a rather persistent upper-level circulation and pool of very cold air aloft which continues to spin over northern Pakistan into northwest portions of Kashmir.  It has been responsible for cloudiness and some areas of rain and snow showers well off to our northwest the last couple of days, and being close enough to that instability ourselves, we still have the potential for some cloud development over the Dhauladhars and perhaps a stray rain/snow shower in the higher elevations this afternoon.

By tomorrow (Thu), that feature will be pushed out -- replaced by a broad west-southwesterly flow in the mid- and upper-levels of the atmosphere.  Temperatures remain slightly below normal for mid-November, but as this subtle pattern shift occurs, we should see a gradual warming trend kick in over the weekend into early next week -- taking us a few degrees above normal for the season.  Sunshine should be plentiful, with very little chance of any significant rainfall for a while.

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