Tuesday, November 12, 2013

cool and crisp... (am.12.nov.13)>

It's perfectly clear at sunrise this morning, and I'm recording one of the lowest early AM humidity readings in months -- 34%.  The temperature is hovering right around 49F (9.5C).

A dry and cool flow of air is in control across northern India, while a very cold pool of air in the upper atmosphere sinks south-southeastward into Jammu & Kashmir.  This upper-level circulation could stir up some cloudiness over the mountains today into Wednesday, along with maybe a stray rain/snow shower somewhere in the higher elevations -- otherwise I think our air mass has dried out too much to get anything else going.

By late Wednesday and Thursday, the jet stream winds are going to tilt more toward a west-southwesterly direction, which should set the stage for a general warming trend as we finish off the week.  Right now it looks like we should be enjoying an extended period of calm, quiet and relatively mild weather as the latter half of November unfolds.

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