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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

wednesday morning (6oct)>

another clear morning... with a pre-sunrise temp of 15C/59F.  i recorded a barely measurable 0.01" of rain during our thundersprinkles yesterday afternoon.

our weather scenario will remain pretty much the same today... there is still enough instability, thanks to some cold air aloft, to produce random showers/thundershowers again this afternoon.  after that, rain chances will drop back below 20% for the end of the week.  there will still be a build-up of clouds in the afternoons, with isolated or scattered thundershowers over the mountains, though.  so far this autumn season, we still haven't been able to get a strong enough push of dry air from central asia to completely sweep this lingering moisture out of here.  until that happens, i guess we'll have to be satisfied with our string of sunny, gorgeous mornings... and just learn to cope with the clouds and occasionally thundery afternoons and evenings...

WEDNESDAY: sunny this morning.  increasing clouds around noon, with a good chance of a thundershower at some point during the afternoon.
high: 21C (70F)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: chance of an evening shower... then clearing after sunset.
low: 14C (58F)

THURSDAY: sunny in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon.  just a slight chance of a brief thundershower during the PM.
high: 21C (70F)

FRIDAY: lots of sun in the morning.  a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon.
high: 21C (69F)

SATURDAY: sunny to partly cloudy skies.
high: 21C (69F)

SUNDAY: partly to mostly sunny.  mild temps.
high: 20C (68F)