Saturday, October 2, 2010

saturday evening (2oct)>

we have partly cloudy skies just after sunset this evening.  after another sunny morning, we had a bit of an active afternoon (at least compared with the past week+), as some thundershowers which developed over the dhauladars tried to drift down into mcleod ganj before dying.  rainfall was not measurable, but there were a few sprinkles and brief light showers... along with some rumbles of thunder.  today's high temp at the wxgeek office was 21.3C/70.3F.

i had really not expected these thundershowers until early next week, but apparently the atmosphere is now unstable enough to stir up a little action during the afternoon.  although nothing significant or long-lasting is expected, it looks like we will have to include the mention of random, brief thundershowers in the forecast for the next few afternoons.  the chances will be better the higher up the mountain you are.  we'll still have gorgeous mornings though, with pretty much unlimited sunshine until after 1100-1130am or so.  temperatures will show little change right through the middle of next week...

SATURDAY NIGHT: patches of clouds and fog will disappear before 8pm.  then clear skies overnight.
low: 14C (58F)

SUNDAY: lots of sun in the morning... becoming partly to mostly cloudy with a random, brief PM thundershower possible.
high: 22C (71F)

MONDAY: mostly sunny in the morning, with increasing afternoon clouds.  an isolated thundershower possible after 2pm.
high: 21C (70F)

TUESDAY: partly to mostly sunny skies with a slight chance of a PM thundershower.
high: 21C (69F)

WEDNESDAY: partly sunny.  still that risk of a brief PM thundershower.
high: 20C (68F)

THURSDAY: a mix of sun and clouds.
high: 20C (68F)