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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunday evening (10oct)>

mostly cloudy skies with a thundershower in progress early this evening.  we made it through most of the day without rainfall... but the showers began just before 5pm.  today's high temp in upper mcleod ganj was 20C/68F**rainfall total today at the wxgeek office was just 0.09" (2mm)**

i almost thought we were going to make it through the day without the obligatory downpour... but the clouds building on the mountains this afternoon have finally started to unleash... so far, showers are lighter than they've been the last 3 days, though.  still absolutely no cut-and-dried changes to report... i still think we'll see a gradual end to the afternoon thundershower action during the coming week, but factor the rain chances into your plans UNTIL we are sure that we have broken out of this pattern.  otherwise, enjoy the morning sun, and the seasonably mild temperatures.

by the way, an interesting factoid>>  the last time we had a totally SUNNY day in mcleod ganj was 26 MAY.  are we overdue, or what??

SUNDAY NIGHT: thundershowers ending this evening... then becoming mostly clear by 8pm.
low: 13C (55F)

MONDAY: morning sunshine, followed by increasing clouds around noon.  still a thundershower or two during the PM hours.
high: 20C (68F)

TUESDAY: sunny in the morning... partly to mostly cloudy in the afternoon with an isolated thundershower possible.
high: 20C (68F)

WEDNESDAY: sunny skies in the morning, partly cloudy in the PM.
high: 21C (69F)

THURSDAY: sunny to partly cloudy skies.  mild.
high: 21C (69F)

FRIDAY: mostly sunny and pleasantly mild.
high: 21C (69F)