Friday, October 1, 2010

friday evening (1oct)>

october has begun pretty much the same as september ended...  we have clouds and fog just before sunset this evening... after sunshine this morning, and a mix of clouds and sun during most of the afternoon.  today's high temp was a comfortable 21.4C/71.5F.

it really is amazing how beautiful our mornings have been during the past 5-6 days... but equally amazing that so much cloudiness is still developing in the afternoons and evenings.  i really don't see anything to jolt us out of this pattern.  the overall weather scenario will change little during the next several days.  the one notable change is that a series of weak upper-level disturbances will drift through... bringing in some slightly cooler temperatures in the upper atmosphere.  that will increase the instability and spell a little better chance of some afternoon thundershowers over the mountains of himachal pradesh.  those thundershowers will be very few and far between... but as we head into early next week, there is at least a mentionable chance of encountering one or two.  temperatures will be cooling down bit by bit, with the longer nights and shorter days of autumn...

FRIDAY NIGHT: clouds and fog this evening... then becoming mostly clear after sunset.
low: 14C (58F)

SATURDAY: lots of morning sun, followed by partly to mostly cloudy skies during the afternoon.
high: 22C (71F)

SUNDAY: mostly sunny in the morning... mostly cloudy in the afternoon with a slight chance of a brief thundershower.
high: 21C (70F)

MONDAY: partly sunny skies, with a slight chance of a PM thundershower.
high: 21C (70F)

TUESDAY: partly sunny.  an afternoon thundershower is possible.
high: 21C (69F)

WEDNESDAY: a mix of sun and clouds, with still a risk of a PM thundershower.
high: 20C (68F)