Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tuesday evening (5oct)>

it is mostly cloudy with some fog here in mcleod ganj just before sunset this evening.  we had thunder, along with a few light showers between 3 and 515pm, after another beautiful sunny morning, and a decent early afternoon.  will post rainfall totals later this evening... but i'm thinking it amounted to less than a tenth of an inch (2mm).  today's high temp was 21C/70F at the top of town.

the latest satellite pics show clusters of thundershowers along the front ranges of the himalayas... from western himachal pradesh (over us) all the way through uttar anchal to extreme western nepal.  we have a north-northwesterly flow in the upper atmosphere, so that is pushing all the afternoon convective development from the mountain peaks down onto the foothills.  there are indications that the upper-air flow will become more westerly during the next few days, which should give us lower chances of afternoon thunder action by the end of the week.  other than that... no significant changes are ahead... expect the beautiful mornings to continue, with the usual increase in cloudiness during the afternoons.  temperatures will cool down only slightly...

TUESDAY NIGHT: chance of a lingering shower early this evening, with skies becoming mostly clear by 8pm.
low: 14C (58F)

WEDNESDAY: lots of morning sun... followed by increasing clouds by mid-day.  a brief thundershower is possible during the PM hours.
high: 21C (70F)

THURSDAY: sunny in the morning.  partly to mostly cloudy during the afternoon with a slight chance of a thundershower.
high: 21C (69F)

FRIDAY: sunny to partly cloudy skies.
high: 21C (69F)

SATURDAY: mostly sunny AM, partly cloudy PM.
high: 20C (68F)

SUNDAY: partly sunny skies with a brief PM thundershower possible.
high: 20C (68F)