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Thursday, January 5, 2017

real winter coming??... (pm.05.jan.17)>

Recent daily stats:

                  low                   high                precip
23 Dec   52.5F (11.4C)    60.2F (15.7C)
24 Dec   48.9F (9.4C)      54.6F (12.6C)
25 Dec   39.7F (4.3C)      49.6F (9.8C)          0.26"  (7mm)
26 Dec   44.4F (6.9C)      53.3F (11.8C)
27 Dec   48.4F (9.1C)      56.8F (13.8C)
28 Dec   51.9F (11.1C)    60.2F (15.7C)
29 Dec   52.8F (11.6C)    58.9F (14.9C)
30 Dec   47.3F (8.5C)      54.2F (12.3C)
31 Dec   48.9F (9.4C)      55.3F (12.9C)

**December precipitation total just 0.26" (7mm) -- during 1hr 45mins on Christmas morning.       

1 Jan     46.6F (8.1C)      55.9F (13.3C)
2 Jan     43.0F (6.1C)      53.8F (12.1C)        0.37"   (9mm)
3 Jan     44.4F (6.9C)      49.8F (9.9C)          trace 
4 Jan     44.2F (6.8C)      50.3F (10.2C)        0.12"   (3mm)
5 Jan     45.3F (7.4C)      53.3F (11.8C)

There have been a few episodes of light precipitation since Christmas morning, but a much more significant storm system is going to be moving in on Friday into Saturday, with a better chance of moderate to heavy amounts of rain and snow across most of Himalayan north India...