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Thursday, December 22, 2016

cooler temps on the way... (pm.22.dec.16)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 57.0F (13.9C)
High temp: 63.8F (17.7C)
Rainfall: none

It's been another extremely mild day for what is now officially the winter season -- with both low and high temps more than 10ºF/6ºC above normal.  But -- the high temp for the day occurred quite early, as the first traces of cooler air start to trickle in from the north.   Humidity was again close to the lowest it ever gets around here, in the range of 12-18% throughout the day.  Now, at dusk, we have quite a bit of haze and just a few streaks of high clouds.

This recent spell of unseasonably warm weather is on its way out, as an upper-level disturbance and accompanying pocket of colder air start to slide in from central Asia.  This system is moisture-starved, of course, but as it quickly pivots across the area between late tomorrow (Fri) and early Monday morning, it will cause our temps to drop significantly, and will also bring us a bit more in the way of occasional/variable mid- and high cloudiness.  Any light showers of rain and/or snow will most likely be confined to the highest elevations well to our north and northeast.

Christmas Day could be one of the coolest of the season thus far, but it looks like temps will be on the upswing again toward Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, with another slight downward dip during the final few days of the month and the year.

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