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Sunday, December 11, 2016

air quality improvement... (pm.11.dec.16)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 53.8F (12.1C)
High temp: 61.7F (16.5C)
Rainfall: none

The air is clear and crisp after sunset this evening, with unhindered views downhill toward the airport, and northeastward to the Dhauladhar range.  Nice to get the haze kicked out of here, at least temporarily.  We had a fairly impressive build-up of cumulus clouds along the mountains today, but it was mostly sunny otherwise.  There were also some isolated snow/sleet showers in higher up-mountain locations this afternoon, but here in McLeod, our precipitation was restricted to just a few brief sprinkles of rain last evening around this time.  But at least that officially ends our 60 day streak without a drop of rain!  Still, it was far from enough to measure, so our period without measurable rain is now extended to 61 days.

Much colder air has arrived in the upper-levels of the atmosphere, but we haven't really experienced much cooling here at our elevation yet.  The temperature trend will be downward over the course of the coming three days or so, and we'll likely experience the coolest temps of the season, though just barely.  And even then, as I've said a few times, we'll only be getting ourselves down to about normal/average for mid-December.  This early winter season thus far has just been incredibly mild.

Some slight warming is expected for the end of the week -- and still -- the extended range weather charts and data are absolutely devoid of anything resembling a significant storm system for north India...

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