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Monday, December 12, 2016

closer to normal... (pm.12.dec.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 50.0F (10.0C)
High temp: 54.9F (12.7C)
Rainfall: none

My high temperature in the upper part of town was the coolest I've recorded since the 19th of March... nearly nine months ago.  It's about time.  We've been running significantly above normal in the temp department (both highs and lows) since the middle of October, with only a few brief exceptions.  There was rapid development of mid-level cloudiness right around sunrise this morning, and those clouds hung with us until just after noon, when we were finally able to get two or three hours of decent sunshine.  Humidity was fairly steady between 42 and 55% throughout the day.

The coldest pocket of air of this early winter season in the higher levels of the atmosphere is gradually swallowing all of the western Himalayan region.  There's also some lingering dynamic energy and a low pressure circulation aloft, hanging back over northwestern Afghanistan.  This is providing us with an unstable atmosphere, and even producing some light snow showers in the higher mountain areas to our north.  It looks like our temps will continue to cool off a few more degrees during the next 48-60 hours or so, taking us down closer to the normal range for the middle of December.  Although our skies have looked a bit threatening at times due to the clouds, precipitation chances remain very small.

A trend toward milder weather is again showing up for the latter part of the week and even into at least early next week -- so we're still not having to deal with anything all that uncomfortable or dramatic for this time of the year.

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