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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

unseasonably mild for now... (pm.06.dec.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 55.5F (13.1C)
High temp: 62.4F (16.9C)
Rainfall: none

Today's temps, both high and low, were the mildest in exactly one week.  We're running approximately 6-7ºF/3ºC ABOVE normal for this time of year -- and of course with very few exceptions, we've been milder than the norm for most of this autumn and early winter season.  Sunshine was plentiful today, but it was quite hazy, and we've had just a few isolated patches of high clouds drifting by as well.  Humidity has been in the range of 28 to 48%.

We're still dealing with a strong inversion across most of north India, with shallow cooler air close to the surface, and relatively warmer air in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere.  Air quality has been horrible in the plains to our south, with fog and smog and dust and haze very thick and heavy in many areas... especially across Uttar Pradesh.

A slow change in the overall weather pattern will occur as we move into the latter half of the week, as an upper-level low pressure system develops off to our west-northwest.  Cooler air aloft will gradually spread eastward, but temps at the surface will continue to moderate all the way into Thursday or Friday.  This will set us up for an increasingly unstable situation over the weekend, and if we could get some moisture involved in this evolving pattern, then the risk of rain showers would be on the rise by Saturday night into Sunday.  But that is the big question -- will there be much in the way of moisture availability as upper-level dynamic energy moves across north India between Sunday and Tuesday..???  Right now the models are suggesting that the answer is 'NO'.

At any rate, there is a better chance of some random shower action during that time frame, as temps dip...

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