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Monday, December 5, 2016

temps to keep rising... (pm.05.dec.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 53.1F (11.7C)
High temp: 60.5F (15.8C)
Rainfall: none

As December evenings go, this one is very easy to take.  We have mostly clear skies, despite the lingering light haze, and temperatures are quite mild for the season.  Sunshine was plentiful all throughout the day, with only a few very minor, fleeting patches of high clouds, and the usual seasonal haze that built up during the afternoon and early evening hours.  The high temp at my location in the upper part of town was the warmest I've recorded since last Tuesday.

There should be a continued absence of drama on the weather scene for most of this week, as the high pressure ridge which has been in place the last several days slowly breaks down... allowing a southwesterly upper-level flow to develop.  That should keep our recent gradual warming trend going, while also providing us with more of this sunshine and occasional high cloud combo.  The first signs of changes will arrive with the weekend.

Models are showing a rather intense upper-level low pressure system developing off to our west-northwest by late Saturday, which will creep eastward between Sunday and Tuesday.  The energy/dynamics of this system are looking impressive, but it's the moisture that is lacking.  The very latest data shows an outbreak of precipitation across the western Himalayas on Saturday, which could translate into parts of Himachal Pradesh sometime Sunday.  The risk of rain showers (with snow higher up) will last into early Tuesday, as the season's coolest air mass filters in.  Check back for updates all this week.

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