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Saturday, December 3, 2016

definitely tolerable... (pm.03.dec.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 52.8F (11.6C)
High temp: 59.3F (15.2C)
Rainfall: none

There's some lingering light haze in the area, otherwise we have clear skies late this evening, with a crescent moon, Venus, and lots of stars visible.  It has been a really nice early December day, with tons of sunshine punctuated by only a few transient patches of high clouds, and then the period of haze from the mid-afternoon into the evening.  Temperatures have been moderating ever-so-slightly the last couple of days, but still, it was the fourth day in a row I've recorded a high below 60ºF -- the first time that's happened this season.

The weather looks absolutely uneventful for this coming week, with a westerly upper-level flow completely devoid of anything but the most tiny disturbances, and temperatures which will continue to run above normal for this time of year.  There will likely be some periods of high clouds at times, but that's about it.  Warming aloft will eventually translate down to the lower elevations, and that should keep temps rising a bit, at least until Wednesday or Thursday.

For the first time since the last days of the monsoon season way back during the first part of October, the models are showing an outbreak of precipitation across Himalayan north India -- somewhere around the 11th or 12th of the month.  It's too early to say just how significant this might be for us, but at least it is something to watch between now and then...

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