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Saturday, January 21, 2017

clouds, but unseasonably mild... (pm.21.jan.17)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 47.8F (8.8C)
High temp: 54.6F (12.6C)
Precipitation: none

Even with only dim/filtered sunshine in the midst of a fairly uniform layer of high clouds today, our temps were well above normal for mid-January -- so just think how nice it would have felt if the sun had done a better job at breaking through.

The overall weather pattern across northwest India is in a major stage of transition, as we get set up for the arrival of the next significant storm system by late Tuesday.  In the meantime we'll have more periods of mainly high clouds, but I think there will also be at least a few hours of sunshine mixed in.  Temperatures should remain very mild for the dead-middle of the winter season.

A very deep and intense area of low pressure aloft will begin to drift in from the west for the mid-week period, increasing our risk of rain showers and even some thunderstorm action by Tuesday afternoon or evening.  The very best chances of moderate to heavy precipitation will occur on Wednesday, Thursday, and into early Friday -- with significant snowfall again looking most likely ABOVE Mcleod.  So far this winter we're not getting the right scenario for temps to stay close to the freezing mark long enough to deliver appreciable snow here in town.  But here's another chance to see if there could be any surprises...