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Friday, January 13, 2017

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Friday's stats:

Low temp: 37.2F (2.9C)
High temp: 46.4F (8.0C)
Precipitation: none

It's been another quiet day, with plenty of mid-winter sunshine and temps very close to normal for the middle of January.  But over the weekend we are going to be transitioning back into a wetter weather scenario, as a new upper-level disturbance drops in from the west-northwest.  This system (at least at the moment) looks weaker than the one that brought us all the rain and snow last Friday through Sunday, but weather systems are dynamic and ever-changing, so we have to keep a close eye on things during the coming 72 hours or so.

Clouds should be on the increase late tonight and Saturday, with only a slight chance of some random light rain showers until perhaps mid-day Sunday.  By Sunday evening, more significant rain will become more likely, with that likelihood continuing through most of Monday.  Snow is pretty much a sure bet above Galu Temple, but as we say nearly all the time during January/February, the rain/snow line is always hard to nail down until the precipitation really gets going.

After this system departs, things are looking at least marginally unstable throughout most of next week, but temps should be a bit milder than we've seen recently.