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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 33.4F (0.8C) -- coldest of the season
High temp: 44.1F (6.7C)
Precipitation: none

The coldest air mass of this 2016/2017 winter season remains in place over Himalayan north India, keeping us just on the cold side of normal for what is fast becoming the middle of January.  We did see a lot of sunshine today, though there was a considerable amount of cloud development (and some isolated snow showers) along the mountains above.

A generally dry and quiet weather scenario will prevail for the next two or three days, with temperatures perhaps climbing just a bit between tomorrow (Thu) and Saturday.  But there is going to be another storm system on the way, which right now is looking a bit weaker, but similar to the one we dealt with last weekend.  The risk of rain showers will be on the increase starting on Sunday, with the best chance of some moderate to occasionally heavy rain and snow between Sunday evening and late Monday night -- at least that's the way the models are painting the picture as of now.

Even further ahead, this rather active January will feature more opportunities for wintry precipitation all the way into the final week of the month.