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**High temps could be heading back toward 60ºF/16ºC during the coming few days. Follow low/high/precip data for this month on the DECEMBER STATS tab above.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 37.2F (2.9C)
High temp: 44.1F (6.7C)
Precipitation: 0.26" (7mm)
Snowfall: trace

Our upper atmosphere is still plagued with some weak disturbances, rotating around a very cold pool of air to our northwest.  This has set off more areas of rain and snow showers all across the western Himalayas today, and we had our share in that late this afternoon and evening.  The precipitation total as of late this evening has been on the light side, as we were expecting, but adds to a January tally that is already well above normal.

It looks like we wont be able to break into a long-term stable type of pattern during the next couple of weeks, but there are indications that we'll see at least a moderate warming trend starting on Thursday, and continuing through the weekend.  After that, we could be dealing with a very stormy mid-winter scenario by the middle of next week -- if extended range models have any kind of clue at all.