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Monday, January 9, 2017

january chill... (am.09.jan.17)>

My pre-dawn temperature is hovering in the range of 35º-36ºF (2ºC), and we have mostly clear skies.  There has been no additional precipitation overnight, and with temps just barely above freezing, the lingering snow and slush here in the upper part of town continues to melt away.

We should see a good amount of sun this morning -- but very cold air aloft is going to lead to some instability by the afternoon hours, with some cloud development, and maybe even a random couple of rain/snow showers popping up somewhere around the area.

Temperatures are actually a bit below normal for the first half of January, and are not expected to warm up all that much during the coming several days -- though we will see some minor moderation during the latter half of the week.  Still, with more sunshine, it will feel more comfortable than it has the last three days or so.