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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

variable skies... (pm.23.nov.16)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 55.9F (13.3C)
High temp: 61.3F (16.3C)
Rainfall: none

The variably cloudy skies of the last few days continue... with partly cloudy and hazy conditions late this evening after sunset.  There were a few bright and sunny moments today, but overall, the mid- and high-level cloudiness has dominated, which held our daytime high temp down a bit, compared to yesterday.  Humidity has been at the very lowest of the season the last couple of days -- today ranging from about 16 to 25%.

The main features of our recent weather pattern are still in play; all hinging on a very deep area of low pressure aloft which is stationary just to the east of the Caspian Sea.  Weak to moderate upper-level disturbances continue to be funneled along the fast-moving jet stream flow along the southern periphery of that low pressure center, and that's the reason for the waves/periods of cloudiness we've seen since Sunday.  There have also been some light to moderate rain and snow showers in the very highest elevations of Kashmir/Ladakh into extreme north-northeastern Himachal Pradesh, but none of that has been anywhere close to us up til now.  I'm still holding on to a slight chance of some kind of freak light shower in our vicinity on Friday into Saturday, with the best chances of precipitation remaining north of us.

That sluggish low pressure system will finally get booted into western China, and then dissipate over the weekend, leaving us with a benign westerly flow for much of next week.  Dry.  Mild.  Dull.  Our very long streak of no-drama weather is set to continue.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING (on Thursday) to our American contingent... hope you can scrounge up something good to eat.!!