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Thursday, November 3, 2016

awaiting something cooler... (pm.03.nov.16)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 56.5F (13.6C)
High temp: 64.6F (18.1C)
Rainfall: none

The waxing crescent moon is bright and vivid again this evening in the southwestern sky, and Venus continues to be our very bright evening star, also visible to the southwest.  We have totally clear skies again as night settles in.  Humidity readings today were lower than they've been in nearly two weeks -- as low as 28% at mid-morning, and then only up as high as 42% toward the late afternoon.  We had very feeble cumulus cloud development over the mountains this afternoon, so the early November sunshine was pretty much unhindered.

Our temperatures have been rebounding by a couple of degrees since the start of the new month, but we are on the verge of the next tick downward, as a shift southward in the jet stream pattern occurs starting tomorrow... continuing over the weekend.  Colder air in the higher levels of the atmosphere is seeping southeastward, as some ripples of energy traverse along in the upper-level flow.  This evening there is some high cloudiness showing up on satellite pics to our west-northwest, so we could see some of that moving in late tonight, through Friday.  There is also still a risk of a brief, random, isolated shower somewhere around the area tomorrow into tomorrow night, but I will be very surprised if there is anything in the rain gauge to show for it.

A return to nearly total stability is scheduled for the latter half of the weekend... which should stay with us all the way through next week.  It's a very calm and comfortable autumn pattern we find ourselves in, and major deviations from that are not expected at least through the middle of the month...

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