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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

slightly cooler than the norm... (pm.15.nov.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 50.4F (10.2C)
High temp: 58.2F (14.6C)

Rainfall: none

There's a moderate amount of haze in the air early tonight, otherwise we have clear and cloudless skies.  Even with the predominance of sunshine, today has ended up being the first day of this autumn season that I have recorded temps which are actually slightly BELOW normal.  The cooling trend that kicked in late last week has been for real, and there has been a very noticeable change, especially the last three days or so.  Humidity today was fairly steady in the 40-45% range.

We should stay near seasonal lows, temp-wise, during the coming 24 hours or so, but then it's still looking like we'll see somewhat of a warm-up on Thursday and Friday... though it may not be enough to really make much of a difference.  The overall pattern will remain the same, more or less, all the way through the weekend and deep into next week, though we will see some subtle ups and downs in the temperature department over the course of that time frame.

Apart from some partly cloudy conditions which will pop up in response to little wiggles in the upper-level pattern, there's really nothing else going on.  Extended range models are interesting to watch, as there continue to be threats of a potentially more active pattern evolving toward the end of the month -- but until we get closer, the flip-flopping of those models will probably continue.

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