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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

dry season, for real... (pm.01.nov.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 54.9F (12.7C)
High temp: 63.6F (17.6C)
Rainfall: none

A couple of clouds are lingering just along and above the mountain peaks as darkness settles in tonight, otherwise we have clear skies, with that inversion layer visible down below.  November 2016's debut featured lots of sunshine, with only the obligatory build-up of cumulus right along the Dhauladhars for a few hours during the afternoon.  My high temp was exactly the same as yesterday's, with humidity averaging in the 48-50% range.

It has now been three full weeks since we last saw a single raindrop around here, so I think it is fairly apparent that we're getting a genuine dry season this autumn, unlike in some years in the recent past.  Although there have been minor fluctuations in the overall weather pattern, the theme has remained the same -- a west-northwesterly flow aloft, with an air mass severely lacking in the moisture-availability department.  There shouldn't be any dramatic departures from the existing scenario during the coming ten days to two weeks -- or more.  Random wiggles and jiggles in the upper-level pattern which could contain some relatively colder air aloft might threaten us with a random shower as they pass, but there is nothing even remotely resembling a significant storm system during these first couple of weeks of November.

I'm keeping the risk of one or two of those random showers in the forecast between late Friday and Saturday, but frankly, the chance is almost too low to even mention.  We'll watch it, though, since there isn't anything else to watch.  Temperatures should remain fairly stable until Friday, when we will probably drop down another notch or two, in line with the approach of our winter season...

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