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Thursday, November 24, 2016

inclemency remaining north... (pm.24.nov.16)>

Thursday's stats:

Low temp: 54.1F (12.3C)
High temp: 60.9F (16.1C)
Rainfall: none

We have mostly cloudy skies this evening as the last little bit of color fades in the west.  Actually today has been the epitome of what we call 'variable cloudiness', with some dramatic swings between bright sunshine and almost totally overcast conditions a few times between dawn and dusk.  Temperatures were slightly cooler than they were yesterday -- while humidity was just a bit higher, ranging from 18% to 34%.  And for anyone who might be keeping count... today was the 44th consecutive day without one drop of rain.

Some serious early wintertime weather is going on to our northwest across central Asia, thanks to the persistent area of deep low pressure which remains anchored near the southeastern coast of the Caspian Sea.  Temperatures from Iran to northern Kashmir have dropped well below normal for late November, with areas of light to moderate snow showers scattered from Afghanistan into the higher elevations of Kashmir/Ladakh as well.  Here where we sit, we remain in the mild sector of this system, and it is still looking like we will have only the slightest risk of an isolated shower in McLeod itself, perhaps on Saturday.  As far as temps are concerned, the very cold air mass to our north won't make it this far south, keeping us on the warm side of normal for the season as we finish off the month.

Unless we do get a few random rain drops on Saturday, it seems we have a very good chance of logging 0.00" of rain in the November 2016 record books.  

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