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Sunday, November 6, 2016

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Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 53.6F (12.0C)
High temp: 62.4F (16.9C)
Rainfall: none

A typical early November evening is in full swing, with clear skies and seasonably cool temps.  My low temperature in the upper part of town was the coolest I've recorded yet this season, and the high temp was the second-coolest.  There was quite a bit of afternoon cumulus development along the Dhauladhars -- again -- but here in McLeod itself, we had unrestricted sunshine throughout the day.  Humidity was fairly steady right around 40-42%, which has been very common recently.

A very quiet and uneventful week is shaping up for us, with this west-northwesterly upper-level flow pattern remaining firmly and concretely entrenched.  We'll start to see some subtle warming aloft as the week goes on, which should decrease the amount of mountain cloudiness during the PM hours, providing even more sunshine for the higher elevations above town.  Rain chances should be close to ZERO until Saturday.  Then, there will be the next upper-level disturbance/circulation easing in from the northwest, which could give us a 10-20% chance of a random shower.  Not much to get all that worked up about.

Temperatures, though near the coolest we've yet experienced this season, are still actually a bit above normal.  And starting on Tuesday, we might moderate a couple of degrees, until the next slight cool-down over the weekend.  Mother Nature is going easy on us so far.......

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