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Monday, November 14, 2016

the march toward winter... (pm.14.nov.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 52.0F (11.1C)
High temp: 59.8F (15.4C)
Rainfall: none

We have absolutely and totally clear skies across our area this evening, and a full moon will soon be rising, rather dramatically, over the Dhauladhars.  There was only some very minor cumulus development right along the highest mountain peaks this afternoon, otherwise, it's been a day of bright November sunshine.  Even so, temperatures continue to slide... with today's high and low temps again setting the bar for the coolest of the season up til now.  We've reached the time of year when the warmth we feel in the direct sunshine is not a good indicator of the actual temperature of the air.  You only have to step around a corner and into the shade to find out that this air mass is actually quite chilly.

It still looks like we could moderate just a bit on Thursday into Friday, otherwise the temperature trend over the course of the coming ten days or so will be downward.  There's actually an unseasonably cold air mass lurking to our north across central Asia, and we'll be catching just the southern fringes of that as we move into the latter half of the month.

The risk of any kind of significant storm system development remains remote, though all of the models continue to struggle with what might happen after about the 26th of November.  The solutions seem to fluctuate back and forth lately, so we might need to be prepared for some changeable weather somewhere across Himalayan north India by that time.

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