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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

waiting for the real stuff... (pm.28.jun.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 62.1F (16.7C)

High temp: 76.5F (24.7C)
Rainfall: 0.30" (8mm)

We have a rich combo of clouds, fog, patches of blue and peeks of sun this evening, with humidity just above 80%.  It's been another highly variable day, with lots of thunder but only light rain showers during the pre-dawn and early morning hours, followed by some nice sunshine poking through around noon.  The afternoon was a continual back-and-forth between sun and clouds, with fog developing again after about 3:30pm or so.  The rainfall total for the day at my location in the upper part of town was almost exactly the same as I recorded yesterday up to this point.

With only two days to go, there's been 8.05" (20.4cm) in my rain gauge for June, which is now just slightly above the norm for the month.  But ironically, the vast majority of that amount occurred during the first 18 days.  Even though the monsoon is now officially underway, our rainfall has not really measured up during the last week to ten days or so.  The moisture is in place -- daily humidity levels are right on the precipice of what we expect as the monsoon season kicks in -- but other dynamics have been rather lackluster.  There have been some heavier rains around the area, but at least at my particular location, I've been missing out, and I think that goes for most of McLeod Ganj proper.

But as soon as we think it's not gonna rain, it will.  In buckets.  So with this kind of air mass in place, and tropical features dominating the weather pattern, we have to remain prepared for the onslaught which is inevitable..  The models, for what it's worth, are looking very ominous for the Thursday night through Sunday morning period.

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