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Friday, June 24, 2016

rare rainless days... (pm.24.jun.16)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 65.5F (18.6C)

High temp: 81.2F (27.3C)
Rainfall: none

On the first two days of June, we had no rainfall at all.  And now, we've had two days in a row without even a trace of rain -- the first time that's happened since then.  That's the curse of the India Met Department's monsoon declaration just 72 hours ago.  This evening during the hour before sunset, we have mostly cloudy skies, with those cloud bases hanging very low.  Humidity today has been quite variable -- as low as 58% during the mid-morning, but back up to about 73% this evening.  My high temp was the warmest of the last 12 days.

Even though it doesn't fit together well with our recent official onset of the monsoon season, it's actually just fine to be getting a little period of dry weather.  The month of May was more than five times wetter than normal, and right now, our June rainfall total is just about 1.7" (4.3cm) shy of the normal/average amount for the entire month.  AND -- that monsoon declaration was nearly a week earlier than normal anyway.

Our trusty array of computer models continues to indicate borderline stability to prevail over the first half of the weekend, with consistent indications of a major moisture surge on the way sometime between Sunday and early Monday morning.  Once again, the temptation is to go to sleep at the wheel during this quiet period, but I think it would be wise to keep the rain gear handy, in case of some random thundershower development tomorrow (Sat) -- but it looks like the best rain chances will enter the picture as we move through the first half of next week.  We'll of course get a taste of some cooler temperatures once those rains set in again...

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