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Sunday, June 26, 2016

the juice... (pm.26.jun.16)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 66.9F (19.4C)

High temp: 77.8F (25.4C)
Rainfall: trace

Humidity today has hovered between about 68 and 78%, with constant alternations between clouds and hazy sunshine.  Although there were some sprinkles just before noon, and then a couple of brief, very light showers during the mid-afternoon, the rain wasn't even enough to measure at my location on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center.  This evening we have mostly cloudy and hazy skies, and it remains quite muggy.

Our air mass continues to 'juice up', as deeper and richer moisture seeps northwestward up against the outer ranges of the Himalayas.  According to satellite pics, rain/thundershowers were very isolated and hit-and-miss across Himachal Pradesh today, but all of the computer model data still shows us on a trajectory towards better and better rain chances as we move through the first half of this new week.  The potential moisture availability of this atmosphere is immense, and that means that we will get a large amount of rain at some point.  As we finish off June and cross into July, average rainfall amounts radically increase, with more than one inch of rain PER DAY becoming quite easy to accomplish.

Keep track of the monsoon's progress on the SUMMER INTO MONSOON tab at the top of the page... and also you will find up there the JUNE DAILY STATS, and comprehensive climatological info for our area...