Friday, June 3, 2016

the dramas of the season... (pm.03.jun.16)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 57.4F (14.1C) -- at 4:00pm during heavy rain shower
High temp: 85.8F (29.9C) 
Rainfall: 0.62" (1.6cm) -- updated total for the day

It came and went so quickly, but the intensity!!  I first heard thunder rumbling around 2:45pm to our north and northwest, and then there was a quick period of rain showers at my location in the upper part of town between about 3:15 and 3:35pm.  But then just before 3:50pm, it really unleashed... a 15-20 minute period of very heavy rain, a bit of small hail, and some strong and gusty winds -- at least where I was at the time, trying to get from Pema Thang to Kirti Gompa.  But even more quickly than it swept in, it was gone.  And we've been back to mostly sunny skies late this afternoon and evening.  I need to check both thermometer and rain gauge later this evening for updates to those stats above.

This afternoon's events are a confirmation as to why I am almost always on edge during the mid-day and afternoon hours during the warm seasons.  In spite of the massive ridge of high pressure sprawled across northwest India, the unique interactions here along the outer ranges of the western Himalayas tend to write their own rules.  Humidity right now is low -- averaging 30-35%, but extremely warm air being forced upward along the mountain slopes during the maximum heating hours of the day can turn explosive if it happens to encounter a pocket of much cooler air up around the 15-20,000ft level.

The big summertime high pressure ridge in place is not going anywhere this weekend, and will only gradually start to break down during the first part of next week.  There is no major influx of moisture on the way, either.  BUT -- even with the sunshine and very warm June temps, continue to be aware of the shenanigans going on up-mountain from us, mainly during the PM hours.  Also, we could still see temps challenging the warmest/hottest of the season during the coming few days or so.

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